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Can you just tell us a little bit about you writing journey so far?


I probably wouldn’t call it a journey; I’d call it a rollercoaster ride, without a track. The writing process has so many up’s and down’s that you never know where you really are. My ride began a lot of years ago; I’ve always written and was convinced at a very early age that I would write a novel. But it was only after I’d been in a car accident nine years ago and had lost a lot of the mobility in my right arm, that I began writing seriously.

House of Secrets is your debut novel can you tell us what inspired you so write it?

Wrea Head Hall inspired it. The moment you walk into that beautiful building, you feel the history begin to seep out of the walls. There was a story there and it was screaming to be told. I’m just honoured that I was the one to tell it.

Do you have a daily writing routine?

Not at all.  I work full time and have to write, as and when I can. My favourite time to write is during the early hours. It’s easier to write before the world gets in my head and clouds my judgement; it’s also more peaceful to write before my husband gets up and wants to chat

Do you plan your story before you write or just see what happens as you go?

I always have a beginning and an end. I know where I want to get to, but the middle is just as big of a surprise to me as it is to everyone else, and I kind of like it that way. The characters take on a life of their own, they begin to do things by themselves and sometimes I sit there and wonder what they are doing, but a few pages later, they tend to explain themselves.

What has been the most surprising part of your author journey so far?

I’m always surprised when someone likes what I do. It’s still all new to me and it’s really lovely for someone to praise your work, but I always sit there and wait for a ‘but….’ It doesn’t come, but I almost condition myself, just in case.

How do you think being Yorkshire born and bred filters into your stories?

I’m Yorkshire through and through. A miner’s daughter and my roots run deep. I’ve loved the communities that I’ve lived amongst and feel that there are huge story lines that I can take from those amazing people. My characters are typically Yorkshire too and to be honest, hardly anyone else writes about Yorkshire and I think it’s about time we put our home county on the map

What would your advice be to aspiring authors?

Keep writing, never stop and join the Romantic Novelist’ Association. It’s the best thing I ever did, if it wasn’t for that organisation, I know for a fact that I still wouldn’t be published.

Are you planning a sequel to House of Secrets?

No. Not a sequel. Maybe a link… with one of the characters, but I feel that House of Secrets should stand alone.

Can you give us a little taster of what you’re writing now?

I’ve just completed a third novel. It follows Ella Hope, a reporter, who tries to investigate her own attempted murder. Needless to say, things don’t run smoothly and there is a romantic thread or two running through the story.

Thank you Lynda for taking to time to visit my blog and all the best with your debut novel.


high res cover of House of Secrets

A woman on the run, a broken man and a house with a shocking secret …

Madeleine Frost has to get away. Her partner Liam has become increasingly controlling to the point that Maddie fears for her safety, and that of her young daughter Poppy.

Desperation leads Maddie to the hotel owned by her estranged father – the extraordinarily beautiful Wrea Head Hall in Yorkshire. There, she meets Christopher ‘Bandit’ Lawless, an ex-marine and the gamekeeper of the hall, whose brusque manner conceals a painful past.

After discovering a diary belonging to a previous owner, Maddie and Bandit find themselves immersed in the history of the old house, uncovering its secrets, scandals, tragedies – and, all the while, becoming closer.

But Liam still won’t let go, he wants Maddie back, and when Liam wants something he gets it, no matter who he hurts …

Winner of Choc Lit & Whole Story Audiobooks 2015 Search for a Star competition.

Lynda, is a wife, step-mother and grandmother, she grew up in the mining village of Bentley, Doncaster, in South Yorkshire. Her own life story, along with varied career choices helps Lynda to create stories of romantic suspense, with challenging and unpredictable plots, along with (as in all romances) very happy endings. Lynda joined the Romantic Novelist Association in 2014 under the umbrella of the New Writers Scheme and in 2015, her debut novel House of Secrets won the Choc Lit & Whole Story Audiobooks Search for a Star competition. She lives in a small rural hamlet near Doncaster, with her husband, Haydn, whom she’s been happily married to for over 20 years.

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